Present you a birthday discount
  • You receive our birthday congratulations and 20% discount on all goods!
  • The discount is given for O'KEY cardholders only.
  • The discount is given once and only during the 15 days:7 days before, 7 days after and on your birthday.
  • For discount’s receiving you should tell the cashier your activation number, which would have be sent to you by SMS previously. SMS will be sent to you, if you provide reliable information within card activation and real birth date.
  • The discount is not given on tobacco, tobacco products and smoking accessories, nicotine-containing products, devices for the consumption of nicotinecontaining products, O’KEY gift cards, lottery tickets. Birthday discount does not sum with other discounts. If the price of the discounted product is below the legal minimum, the discount is given up to the legal minimum.
  • 20% discount on your birthday is not available in the online store: